Kotrak Group is a global provider of ERP systems, experienced integrator of IT systems and a reliable developer of modern business applications. We run projects in Poland and abroad.

We’ve been operating in the market for over 25 years. Throughout this time we make efforts to take care of our development and honesty towards our business partners.


  • 170 specialists
  • 90 software developers
  • 35 consultants
  • 7 branches
  • 6500 satisfied customers


Irena Kurdziel

President, Owner

Irena Kurdziel, President, Owner

Business founder. A woman of action and success. Actively participates in every day business.

Andrzej Kurdziel

Board member, Owner

Andrzej Kurdziel, Board member, Owner

Always smiling and in good spirits. Actively participates in every day business.

Jakub Imosa

CEO, Owner

Jakub Imosa, CEO, Owner

Unchangingly optimistic. Sport enthusiast. With incredible sense of humour.



Tomasz, CCO

Ambitious, confident. Persistent in pursuing set objectives.


Head of Production and Business Software Development

Dariusz, Head of Production and Business Software Development DEV1

Always preoccupied with work. Professional in every way. Self development oriented. Discoverer of new ways. Seeker of the unconditioned happiness.


Head of Marketing

Anna, Head of Marketing

Cheerful, smiling, ubiquitous. Emanates positive energy and infects with humour.


Business Development Manager, London

Natalia, Business Development Manager, London

Always smiling, she doesn't have bad days. What is her secret? It's Natalia - Zuzia for the team. Additionally very professional.


Regional Sales and Marketing Representative, London

Monika, Regional Sales and Marketing Representative, London

With very positive attitude towards people and the world. Eagerly expands her interests and professional competencies.


Sales Director, Cracow

Anna, Sales Director, Cracow

A perfectionist. Very well organised. One man army in Krakow branch. Unafraid of any task!


Senior Sales Representative, Katowice

Agnieszka, Senior Sales Representaive, Katowice

If there's something you don't know - go to Agnieszka! A priceless source of information. Aga very quickly absorbs all novelties in IT!


Senior Sales Representative, Katowice

Paweł, Senior Sales Representaive, Katowice

Pawel is not only very good at what he does. He's also a very talented writer - he's modest, so he'll probably deny!


Sales Representative, Katowice

Martyna, Sales Representative, Katowice

Professional and liked by customers. Has extensive knowledge in the field of customer communication.


Regional Sales Manager, Opole

Bożena, Regional Sales Manager, Opole

Cheerful, cheerful and cheerful. A conversation with her will improve the worst of moods. Open to people and always smiling!


Regional Sales Manager, Cracow

Aleksandra, Regional Sales Manager, Cracow

Professionalism, huge knowledge, grace and charm all in one. To the point and reliable - this best describes Ola.


Sales Representative, Katowice

Magdalena, Sales Representative, Bielsko-Biała

Young and very professional in the same time. Very cheerful and optimistic. She can get along with anyone! She expands her professional skills.


Regional Sales Manager, Lodz

Katarzyna, Regional Sales Manager, Lodz

A good soul of our Lodz branch. Very diligent in her work. You can count of her!


Sales and Consulting Manager, Lodz

Konrad, Sales and Consulting Manager, Lodz

A real polymath. He can adapt to any situation, has extensive knowledge of IT. Privately - loves sport, especially cycling trips.

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