What is a good UX?

Nowadays, in which competitiveness is at an all-time high, being distinguished on the market by offer or price is not enough. Better identification of users application needs and a well-designed User Experience allow one to stand out from the competition and gain the loyalty of satisfied users.


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What is a good UX?

User Experience (UX for short) is a series of sensations and reactions that a person having contact with a product (usually digital) undergoes. From the moment of our first interaction with the application, there are feelings associated with its use, positive or negative. The task of UX specialists is to design the product so that the use process is pleasant, intuitive and fast.
At the application design stage, it is important to recognize user habits and tailor services and products to create pleasant and clear usage paths. A well-designed User Experience is the result of several elements. One of the most important is persuasion, i.e. the ability to influence the recipient’s attitude through a well-targeted use process. If we build pleasant feelings related to our service or product within the user, we are able to establish a positive and lasting relationship with them.

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Why is UX Design so important?

It is worth investing in UX Design and putting user experience first, because it will definitely pay off in the future. Good, quality User Experience and better recognition of recipients’ needs allow companies to stand out on the market, earn loyalty, satisfied users and gain an advantage over the competition.

Benefits of a well-designed UX:

  • optimization of user experience
  • elimination of factors extending working time
  • avoiding difficulties related to use


How do we design User Experience at Kotrak?

At Kotrak, we attach great importance to creating intuitive products and services and improving their usability so that the user has no doubts about how to use them. We focus on development in this field. Dedicated and experienced specialists are responsible for all UX activities.

Thanks to our UX Design team, we have tried and tested design elements in the database that can be used for many jobs. This type of scaling translates into better customer experience and a user-friendly interface, as well as more efficient product creation.

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What competencies should a UX specialist possess?

UX specialists are extremely versatile, and the area of their work combines areas such as psychology, philosophy, design, art and engineering. You have to be not only a meticulous analyst, but also a creative artist to effectively influence the attitude of the application user.


Designing UX through the eyes of a specialist – an interview with a UX specialist from Kotrak

Martyna Chwast – UX specialist at Kotrak SA will talk about how to work on designing applications and improving the usability of products.

What questions do you ask yourself before starting work?

M.Ch.: The most important question is what problem we are trying to solve and what we want to bring that is new to the market together with the client. The questions vary depending on the project, because everyone is different and the requirements are very unique. Asking the right questions is an extremely important skill at the research stage with the client and potential users. By asking correct and well-defined questions, we can confirm or refute hypotheses regarding user experience.

To what extent can improving User Experience translate into a product? Can it be measured?

M.Ch.: User Experience is a key concept when it comes to digital products. However, I often have the impression that by the phrase “user experience,” people understand usability, i.e. whether the interface is easy to click and is understandable. However, this is only one side of the coin, the other, and in my opinion more important, is what product gives value to the market at all. You can have the most beautiful application, but if no one sees the value in installing or buying it, the product will fail very quickly. Of course, you can measure product success in many ways by performing usability tests and measuring KPIs with analytical tools and subsequent data analysis.

How important is knowledge of human behavior, psychology at UX?

M.Ch.: Users of our final solutions are users – people. The key to providing them with a positive user experience is a good understanding of other people. Knowledge in the field of psychology directly translates into specific recommendations that we can use in design.

What is the most important when designing user experience?

M.Ch.: Understanding what the application interface is supposed to present, each visible option should be the result of consideration and discussion with people involved in the project. The user experience will be positive only if every interaction between the user and the interface is understood and obvious.

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What is the meaning of colors in applications, do you attach importance to this?

M.Ch.: The topic of colors is very important and certainly not the easiest topic when it comes to design. It can relate to really diverse aspects related to e.g. accessibility or psychology. Today, colors play an important role in the transmission of messages, which translates into interface design. I think that an interesting example to remember in everyday work is the color scheme and related cultural differences. It can be seen that, e.g. in Western cultures, the dominant trend on the site is white, which is perceived as a symbol of purity. In some parts of Asia, however, it is associated with death and unhappiness.

What does the User Experience department look like in Kotrak and how is the work going on in this area?

M.Ch.: We currently have a dedicated UX team in the company. Depending on the project, we work in a group or individually. We operate on an ongoing basis in close cooperation with business analysts and developers.

Why is it so important in Kotrak that applications and software are designed in accordance with the art of UX?

M.Ch.: User Experience allows, above all, in-depth knowledge and understanding of the needs of the end user. The essence of the design process is to create a solution that will meet the expectations of our target group. Good UX provides users with a positive experience while using the product. This translates into greater satisfaction of users who can easily and pleasantly achieve their goals. Pleasant experiences of people with the product make them come back to it more willingly.

Thanks to the appropriate UX, we can accurately define our recipients and their needs. Thus, we quickly get to the heart of the problems. This approach ensures the creation of a product that meets the real expectations of users. This is the main starting point for further activities on the product. We avoid possible discrepancies between subjective perceptions on a given topic and actual problems of the recipients. We strive to meet the needs to effectively influence the overall positive experience of end users.

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Does UX have direct contact with the client? If so, at what stage?

M.Ch.: The UX Designer should be involved in the process as soon as possible. Preferably the first time you talk about the product idea, because it gives the best results. Designers must understand best of all, those involved in the project and what problem they are trying to solve. Only a full understanding of the problem will allow you to provide a design that will satisfy all parties involved and bring real value to the market.

Why is Persona important in the design process in Kotrak?

M.Ch.: A well-constructed Persona is the basis of design. Based on Persona and the goals defined for it, we should design new views. As a result, we are sure that each part of the application fulfills its role and gives the end user a sense of understanding and ease of use.

Do you often introduce innovations or are they difficult to push through?

M.Ch.: It depends on the client’s requirements. An innovative product is one that is not yet available on the market, so such projects are always much more difficult to implement in many respects, especially in technical terms. We always try to advise clients to find the right balance between feasibility and the value we bring to the market.

How important is cooperation with other departments in the project? Are there often short circuits on the programmer – UX line?

M.Ch.: Cooperation is very important because the design process is primarily a team “sport.” The best solutions are created thanks to intensive group work. Short-circuits are unavoidable, as a lot depends on the approach of people involved in the project. From my perspective, finding a solution and finding a common language is usually a matter of time. In this way you can solve any problem.

What lasts the longest in the creation process?

M.Ch.: In the design process it would seem that the longest is drawing itself, choosing colors, font sizes, etc. In reality, however, this is not the case, because when the designer understands what they’re drawing and what elements must be on the interface, they will quickly cope with drawing mockups (note on mockups). The biggest problem is just understanding or figuring out why a given element should be on the interface and what function it should perform.

Where are you looking for trends? What inspires you?

M.Ch.: The source of inspiration for me is, among others, pages devoted to design issues. To keep up to date with news, I have my list of favorites that I reach for on a regular basis. Materials from industry conferences, video recordings and literature are also useful.

In summary, what do you think the most important role of UX is?

M.Ch.: The most important role of UX is to provide a valuable and easy-to-use product. The designer should act according to the “Don’t make me think” principle – which in a nutshell means that applications should be easy and intuitive so that the user does not have to guess how to use them. Unfortunately, even the most beautiful but not useful interfaces have a poor prognosis. As a UX, you should take care of usability and think about the value of the product as I mentioned earlier. This way you can show what unique values UX can offer your customers.

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