A system for managing a Co-working office

Client industry: A company that rents Co-working offices
Client's Headquarters: Poland
Application type: Mobile and web

Application for booking office space

We have created a multilingual system for managing a co-working office for our client, allowing for office spaces to be booked quickly. The application works on mobile and web and has been integrated with the accounting system.

Implementation Description

    • The client was opening a new co-working office and needed software for effective space management.

    • Stream-lining the work of the office space rental company.

      Enabling customers to make quick and easy space reservations.

      Effective office management.
      Integrating customers within business communities related to a specific company’s offer (e.g. an event promoting a specific product or service).

    • A system for managing a co-working office, for customers booking office space, integrated with the financial and accounting system. The languages ​​used in the system are: Polish, English, German.


Individual solutions created for the needs and business of the client to provide them with work flexibility, including:

The possibility of modifying orders, reservations, or contracts generated automatically based on information entered into the system.
Social functions dedicated to members of the co-working network - networking, information exchange, chat, ability to join events created by the owners, and more.


  • the company is in constant contact with its customers and can respond to their needs accordingly
  • the administrator can personalize a selected room, or even a desk, using an interactive map of the entire floor
  • the implemented software is available on any device (laptop, tablet, smartphone), regardless of the operating system

The system integrates with the customer’s RCP system (Work Time Register) and Comarch ERP Optima.


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