30 years of Kotrak

2021 is a very special time for us! Three decades ago, in 1991, we started our business journey through the world of technology. It was a period of major change that brought upon new opportunities and we intended to take full advantage of them.

In the beginning, we were a small team whose determination, passion, and sense of community culminated in Kotrak becoming an international company. Currently, the Kotrak Team has over 200 specialists working in the headquarters in Katowice and across 8 branches, 2 of which are located in London and Santa Clara. It is to our team that we owe the dynamic development and strong position of the company on the market, along with our international group of customers, which we count in the thousands. Our commitment and experience allowed us to develop a unique style of operation, enabling the implementation of systems both stationary and remotely, in various remote parts of the world such as South Africa or Brazil.

Our work is appreciated not only by clients but also awarded in many competitions and rankings. Every year, we occupy significant positions in the prestigious Computerworld TOP 200. We are also invited to national and international events, such as the Internet of Things conference organized as part of Poland Day in Silicon Valley in 2018. In 2020, we confirmed the compliance of our services with the international quality management standard – ISO 9001: 2015.

Entering the new decade of the company’s life, we do not have any plans to slow down! We are constantly expanding our offer, providing clients with comprehensive service at every stage of the project, and even after its completion. We also undertake new, innovative activities, which are co-financed from EU funds, dedicated for the development of electromobility in Poland. These are very important projects that allow us to contribute to positive changes in the environment and society. We want our work to go beyond standard activities and bring about something more, which is why we also actively support various charities and introduce ecological solutions in the methods of running our business.

We hope that the next decades for Kotrak will be marked by further dynamic development. We still intend to offer our clients the most modern solutions, supporting their businesses and offering opportunities for further development.

We would like to thank all employees, business partners, and customers for these 30 years together!

Values that we have been guided by throughout our years in service:

High quality and professionalism
Comprehensive support
Innovative approach
Natural development and improvement

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Kotrak primarily has a great atmosphere and amazing people. Working here gives you the opportunity to contact with clients from all over the world, which is an extremely interesting experience. If you have the drive, idea and enthusiasm - your commitment will always be appreciated, which gives you additional satisfaction during your daily work and motivation for new challenges - which are not lacking.
I like working in Kotrak because it is a company that puts into practice the saying "The world belongs to the brave." In Kotrak, we are not afraid to do things that we have not done yet, use technologies that we have not used yet, or take up challenges that we have not yet taken up.
Over 7 years with Kotrak during the implementation of exciting projects and spending time together with colleagues in and outside of work has been by far the best period in my life. Thanks to well-coordinated teams and cooperation, we are very happy to reach for new goals.
I have been working in Kotrak for over 5 years. The company's advantage is certainly the ability to independently approach the issue of work organization, and numerous trainings ensure continuous improvement of my skills.

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