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IT Services
3 June 2020

What does comprehensive IT service for companies in Kotrak cover?

The purchase of software or the order creation of a dedicated system is a decision you make based on the experience and quality of the IT company's offer. This article will present what the customer path in Kotrak looks like and how important it is to ensure high quality IT service and customer care.

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IT Services, SLA
7 February 2020

Service Level Agreement (SLA) – what is it?

The term Service Level Agreement (SLA) is increasingly appearing in the offers of IT companies and is sometimes presented in the context of quick response times. However, under this mysterious abbreviation there is a much broader meaning, which is a guarantee for the client to receive help from the support assistance, as well as a form of legal security for service providers. So it's time to take a closer look and answer the question: what is SLA?

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23 April 2019

ERP guide – What does it mean? What is this?

Many business owners or managers who are starting to look for software for their company find the abbreviation "ERP." The question "What is it anyway?" arises, and in the maze of complicated definitions, finding a simple answer is not so easy. That is why we decided to introduce the meaning of the ERP term and suggest how the ERP system supports running a business.

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29 March 2019

What is CRM and what does CRM give to my company?

The strength of relationships with our clients and knowledge about them can effectively contribute to the rapid growth of our profits. Where to get important information for the company from? CRM systems come with the help. So we answer the question "What is CRM."

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21 March 2019

Continual Service Improvement – what is it?

In the context of IT services, we hear more and more about an interesting issue, which is called Continual Service Improvement. What really lies behind this concept and why should you keep this process in mind when choosing a company that will implement IT solutions for you? We will answer these and other questions in the article below.

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Internet of Things
19 March 2019

Internet of Things – A Technological Ecosystem Supporting Home, Business and City

The Internet of Things has become one of the more popular terms recently, behind which are devices and systems that raise and improve the quality of life and the operation of companies and even entire cities. Thanks to the Internet of Things, we can live in so-called smart homes and cities, where devices help us find a free parking space, make purchases quickly or speed up the collection of garbage from already full containers. In business, Internet of Things  offers solutions that optimize operations, costs and resources of enterprises.

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custom-made application
26 February 2019

How to choose the web/mobile/desktop application type?

When you intend to work with an IT company that is to prepare a dedicated application for you, one of the first questions will be: on what platform will your new solution work? Below are some important aspects of this issue - all to make it easier for you to make a decision.

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IT Services
25 February 2019

Does the integration of IT systems make sense?

Having computer software in a company can be a factor that has a real impact on competitive advantage, cost optimization and improvement of information flow. However, what if we have implemented two different systems or more over the years and as a result, there was no impact on the added value expected by different departments in the company? The integration of IT systems comes in handy, which is becoming increasingly popular and works well in every industry.

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4 February 2019

How to choose an ERP system?

If you already know what an ERP system is, you should also read some tips on how to choose the right ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. This is very important because you will be bound to this particular software for at least a few years. Sounds scary? Not if you find out what to look for and take your tips into consideration when making your decision 

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27 November 2018

OMNICHANNEL – what is it and what elements does it include?

Today's customer is a conscious person who cares about convenient, quick and flexible shopping with unlimited options at any time. Therefore, when creating both a sales and marketing strategy, we must remember to focus our activities on the customer. This is the basis for effective promotion and good Internet sales.

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20 November 2018

UX & UI – useful designing of custom-made applications

UX and UI - these two abbreviations have been intermingling for several years when talking about creating digital products, although they are fundamentally different from each other. Sometimes they accompany the entire design process, and sometimes they are just part of it.

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20 September 2018

How is a custom-made application created and how much does it cost?

More and more companies do not want ready-made IT solutions - instead they choose dedicated solutions tailored to their business. It often happens that even companies working within one industry have completely different business processes. For this reason, enterprises are looking for an individualized, optimal development path.

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custom-made application
4 September 2018

Why is it worth testing the software?

Software testing is an important stage in the creation of any dedicated system or application. Thanks to the work done, testers are able to predict and prevent many problems, supporting correct operation and ensuring high quality of the solution created. They also help you save the additional costs associated with it.

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custom-made application
30 August 2018

How to specify requirements for IT systems and applications?

The purchase of an IT system for a company is a very important decision that has many long-term consequences. To take the right steps, you should carefully prepare for the proper software selection process in advance. After joint arrangements with the application provider and creating the final brief, we will receive a final tailor-made offer.

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