OMNICHANNEL – what is it and what elements does it include?


Today’s customer is a conscious person who cares about convenient, quick and flexible shopping with unlimited options at any time. Therefore, when creating both a sales and marketing strategy, we must remember to focus our activities on the customer. This is the basis for effective promotion and good Internet sales.


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Currently, the e-commerce market is one of the most important backbones of trade, but still a major part of purchasing decisions is the result of interconnected activities from several spheres: online, mobile and shop interactions. This is where the idea of ​​omnichannel was born, around which more and more brands are building their image, customer contact policy and sales channels. IT systems support entrepreneurs in carrying out these tasks, thus supporting sales growth and building brand image and customer relations.

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What is omnichannel and why is it so important?

The easiest way to explain Omnichannel is as a series of integrated solutions and sales channels that allow the seller to interact with the customer. In other words, it’s blurring the line between online and offline shopping.

The omnichannel marketing strategy assumes that regardless of the purchase path chosen, the customer experience will be consistent – thanks to integrated sales channels. Integration can be achieved by implementing both business and technological solutions that will combine and improve warehouse management, customer service, as well as pricing and rebate policy. As a result, we obtain a smooth flow of goods and commercial data, and thus the system enables compatible cooperation between the stationary store, online store and mobile sales applications.

By using various channels of reaching the customer, your company is ensured an increase in sales. The omnichannel multi-channeling also allows you to build a strong customer relationship based on trust, credibility and brand loyalty. The more convenient the shopping for the customer becomes, the more favorably it affects their attachment to the brand. That is why constant and steady development of offered sales channels is so important.

So how do you build a well-functioning sales system in line with the omnichannel principles?


omniachannel marketing



Warehouse management

The first important element, as we have already mentioned, is the implementation of a common warehouse policy for online and offline purchases. The integration of the sales registration system with the ERP system, supporting warehouse management, allows you to fully control sales, as well as enables easier location of products in warehouses and displaying inventory to our customers. In this way they can quickly find out in which store the products of their choice are available. In addition to the purchase, they will also be able to book products in the selected stationary store, and if it is temporarily unavailable – sign up for an alert with a notification of re-availability. This information allows for a faster purchase decision.
The integration of the ERP system with the sales program also enables better data exchange regarding sales results and promotion management. The system supports the smooth operation of the warehouse, speeding up the release of sold products and their delivery to the customer. Thus, it assists in maintaining full control over the entire sales process. It also provides protection against the sale of products not available in stock.


Buy online, receive in a stationary store

Currently, the click and collect principle, i.e. making online purchases and picking them up at a selected pickup point (in this stationary store), is one of the most important issues determining the choice of a store by a customer. The e-commerce system supports not only smoother product release from the warehouse, but also booking of assortments available in stationary stores.
In this way, the customer will be able to make online purchases and collect them in the store on the same day. It is a solution that both supports sales and builds a good brand for the company, and thus the customer’s attachment to the brand.


buy online



Returns, complaints and exchanges

Omnichannel also helps in building high quality customer service and quick resolution of any problems. Properly selected and integrated technological processes allow you to improve the way of submitting and responding to complaints, exchanges and returns. The system even allows you to return online purchases in a stationary store.
Such solutions have a positive impact on building the company’s image as a trustworthy one. Consumers are more likely to choose stores offering free implementation of complaint and exchange processes, both online and offline.


Uniform rebate policy

Discounts and promotional campaigns are always an incentive for customers to visit stores more often and make larger purchases. That is why a coherent pricing and rebate policy for stationary and online points is so important. The system is created according to the omnichannel principles supporting these activities, enabling steady development of all sales channels.
It also provides a security buffer, protecting against the creation of offers that could overlap, preventing unprofitable sales of products.


uniform rebate policy



Loyalty package

The loyalty program is an ideal tool for creating engaging sales offers. It allows you to collect key data for marketing activities and strategies, on the basis of which we are able to create a personalized offer for the customer, comprised of their purchases as well as the products they viewed. The system thus supports increasing sales by tailoring the offer to the needs of consumers.
The program also allows you to store proof of purchase in an electronic database, thereby facilitating the submission and processing of complaints, exchanges or returns. This is another pillar in building a positive brand image, by improving the quality of service and quick problem solving.


Omnichannel solutions are designed not only to increase the brand’s revenue, but also to build its image. Better sales are based on solidly developed customer relationships. Quick and easy contact with the service, convenient access to the product range, both online and stationary, as well as smooth and trouble-free problem solving will encourage further purchases.
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