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Take charge of your vision and plan your projects from start to finish.
Create, collaborate, and ensure you stay connected with your team at all times.

 Software designed to optimize your processes and adapt them for every project

Software designed to optimize your processes and adapt them for every project

Kotrak Project Management adapts to your needs to provide an overview for all of your projects in a dedicated, methodical way. The innovative software tools provide an avenue for clear, concise teamwork, project tracking details, and customisable workflows. 

Project Management software provides organizations with the roadmaps to success: 

  • Projects are simplified and supported with time tracking software and team collaboration tools 
  • Task framework is illustrated and defined clearly for each user 
  • Issues are identified and resolved faster through risk management analyses 

Managers are put in the driver’s seat throughout every phase of the project:

  • Scheduling and cost control features assist managers in monitoring their budgets 
  • Team tracking, resource management and personalized notifications 
  • All important information updated and accessible in one place (Project Manager Panel) 

Teams are informed of the final destination and can select the best route for getting there: 

  • Clear and intuitive interface available on mobile apps and desktop 
  • Customize project workflows based on saved outlines or project needs 

Support for file sharing, task coordination, and project tracking software With all the advantages within the Project Management software, you and your team will be able to cross the finish line first, and avoid any traffic.


Project Management benefits for your business

Stay Current
Access up to date information online – including resources, budgets, and documents. Streamline the flow of data and make sure nothing is overlooked.
Automated Control
Plan assignments set schedules, and assess progress automatically. Change and risk management control for any difficulties throughout the entire project lifecycle and beyond.
Deliver Consistent Results
Establishing project outlines and templates will ensure everyone is on the same page. Defining processes and tasks beforehand will present a clear framework for every project.
Analyze and Use Data
Summary reports assess work and examine processes easily. Performance metrics evaluate data to search for improvements or build on previous successes.
Adapt to Growth
Flexibility to manage multiple projects, industries, and scales simultaneously. Expanding capabilities of your team while sustaining the needs of your operations.

Manage your projects and use your data more effectively with Kotrak!

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Regaining control

Regaining control

With so many moving parts, even the simplest projects can have breakdowns in execution. Tracking your team’s productivity, how they cooperate, and monitoring results can be hard enough without the right tools.  

 Effective, modern project management software significantly reduces the likelihood of these breakdowns. Should they occur, your teams will be prepared with the necessary critical features to adapt accordingly. 

A comprehensive, systematic, and flexible project management solution will help you gain even more influence over your organization completes its projects. No matter the size, type, or scope, your managers and teams will be prepared with the tools to implement ideas quickly and achieve more consistent results.

Organizing Project Management Resources

Organizing Project Management Resources

Our project management software offers a simplified, user friendly interface, including the functionality to control each stage of the project lifecycle. From smaller individualized projects, to larger corporations with complex infrastructures, each user is provided the support and flexibility to manage their projects effectively, whether on Cloud or Local Servers.

Recognized for its flexible and intuitive interface,
our project management system comes equipped with:

Designable Workflows
Assignment Panels
Assignment Panels
Cost Controls
Cost Controls
Automatic Reports and Alerts
Automatic Reports and Alerts
Time Management
Document, Resource and Time Management

The innovative functionality and adaptability of the software is suitable for a multitude of industries, each utilizing different methods of project tracking and implementation. The advanced collaboration capabilities with additional systems also enable the software to be integrated across multiple platforms of company operations. 

Project Manager Tools

Mobile Apps deliver easy access to project tools and seamless communication
Resource Control supports regulation of deadlines, costs, budgets, and approvals
Intelligent Dashboards visualize data through task tracking, Gantt charts, analyses, and more
Detailed Analytics provides historical comparisons for costs, outcomes, resources used
Automated Alerts and Notifications keep you up to date of all changes
Customizable Workflow maintains hands-on control over projects, documents, and definitions

Clear the clutter and simplify the complex

Noticing a large amount of similar tasks on your projects? Wanting to reduce your workload to focus on the more important aspects? 

The Project Management solution provides an unlimited opportunity to automate repetitive processes and make it easier to define what makes your project unique. By utilizing certain features within the system, you will be able to remove the menial tasks, approvals and bottlenecks learned from previous projects, saving you time and drastically reducing errors.

Visualize the end product

Customize the look, layout, terms, and features of your operational workflow and documents. No programming experience needed. Choose from predefined workflows or build your own. Create drafts, templates and Gannt charts to share with your team in order to save, share or archive them within the system for future projects. The project management software also connects interchangeably additional solutions, including document management, allowing for a variety of documents such as invoices, expense reports, budgets, and timesheets to be defined, modified, and registered real time in the system with ease.

The automation of tasks, workflow, and documents provides organizations a chance to increase efficiency while reducing mistakes. Your team won’t have to guess how project phases will unfold, as they will be able to visualize their data and important steps on screen. 

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