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Comprehensive production management system

Comprehensive production management system

Our production management system is more than Manufacturing Execution Software (MES). It is a comprehensive solution for a production company from any industry. It assists in achieving the best results based on effective management of both people and resources. Kotrak MES enables the automation of task scheduling and real-time work assignment. With a friendly and easy-to-use interface, the system gives you easy access to all the information required to make quick and effective decisions on the manufacturing floor.

Thanks to its flexible modules and the possibility of integration with almost all operating systems, Kotrak MES will allow you to manage the whole enterprise – regardless of its size and structure.

The program works in web mode. We can run it both locally on the client’s servers and in the Azure Cloud. In this way, its users gain easy access to data from various places at any time. Kotrak MES is secured by authorization and authentication processes. They provide you with protection against undesirable actions, access to data of unauthorized persons or possible data leakage.

The advantages of Kotrak Manufacturing Execution Software:

web interface
Web interface
You can run the system on any computer and mobile devices without the need for installation.
Ready to be implemented in the company's local infrastructure or the Azure Cloud.
high level of security
High level of security
The system security is based on high-class identification and authorization mechanisms.
tracking & tracing
Tracking & Tracing in real-time
You can react immediately to changing situations in operations, adjusting the plan and creating a new schedule of work distribution.
scalable solution
Scalable solution
Designed for both multi-branch and single-branch companies, it can be easily adjusted to your business needs.
comprehensive data collection
Comprehensive data collection
The system collects all company data throughout the whole processing-cycle.
easy integration
Easy integration
We can easily integrate Kotrak MES with your operating systems and machines.
minimising manual work
Minimising manual work
The system itself follows the created plan and automatic allocation of work to production employees, considering their skills.
work optimization
Work optimization
Reduction of paper documents and faster retrieval of important information.

Key features of the Kotrak MES system

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production management system!

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A scalable solution for any manufacturing company

A scalable solution for any manufacturing company

The flexible modular design of Kotrak MES allows it to be adapted to any production company, regardless of its size and structure in which it operates. It is suitable for corporations with branches (including international) and small or medium-sized enterprises from various industries.

The well-thought-out modular design that Kotrak’s MES system has makes it possible to freely adapt it to the needs of both the company itself and the industry in which it operates. MES software allows you to support any sector, as the processes implemented in it are created to meet the requirements of any functionality. The program will allow you to control the implementation of production in heavy industry, the production of feed or chemical or pharmacological preparations and the textile sector. Its design and functionalities provide comprehensive production support for any type of enterprise, including production quality control.


The implementation allows you to manage multiple factories with technologies and information per location.
Single system implementation for one factory/company with matching modules to its needs.

Thanks to the scalability of the MES system, we can adjust it to the needs of any company.

Integration with operating systems and machines

Integration with operating systems and machines

Today, many companies have already implemented systems supporting specific departments or processes. Bearing this fact in mind, we have equipped our program with an integrator API (Application Programming Interface) that allows itself to have smooth cooperation with almost any operating business system.

Data obtained with the use of API constitutes basic information allowing for quick optimisation of processes as well as the unification of existing corporate data. The system streamlines the work by, for example, easy access to files, clients’ data, order documents or product recipes. In this way, users do not have to switch between different systems – all the necessary data is unified and collected in one place.

The program also seamlessly integrates with production machines, obtaining the necessary information for proper planning and production management.

MES solutions prove their worth by letting your business:

Enterprise Resource Planning
Transportation Management System
Laboratory Information Management System
Solutions for online sales
Recipe Optimization Systems
Process Control System
MDM MES - central data management application

MDM MES - central data management application

The production management system operates in the MDM (Master Data Management) model. It is a central information management application. It ensures the development and maintenance of a single source of data flowing between modules supporting processes. They are standardised, streamlining and optimising the operation of your company.

MDM MES is especially useful in multi-branch companies, where individual locations can work on their internal systems. Thanks to the quick integration of these programs with the MDM, your company will operate on one common database. In this way, you will streamline the work of the enterprise and fully optimise the information flowing in it.

Optimize your processes
and improve production capacity!

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MES modules

MES modules

Our MES system is not only for production but also for the whole company management. All its elements make up a comprehensive tool with which your company will operate optimally and smoothly. The MES modules allow for the exchange of information between departments of a company and easy planning of not only production but also production-related processes.

Production management system modules:

logistics management
Production planning and management
warehouse management
Warehouse management
logistics management
Logistics management
QA QC quality control
QA / QC quality control
Production planning and management

Production planning and management

The production planning and management allow you to create a transparent technology tree based on which you can plan and register all processes. The Kotrak MES has a structure that easily adjusts to the requirements of any industry. Thanks to a wide range of functions, we can adjust the system to the needs of companies in which the issue of appropriate dosing of ingredients plays an important role (food or chemical industries), as well as other production activities (packaging, automotive, electronic devices production, etc.).

Main advantages of the production management module:

Freedom in creating complex production technologies
Ability to define dependencies between production technology operations
Labelling of operations in terms of production and quality parameters
Production orders based on technologies or own technology tree
Adaptation of algorithms calculating the operation time to complex production parameters and machine performance
Automatic planning of production operations

The MES system runs with real-time data flowing directly from the production, which allows for ad hoc
responses to the dynamically changing situation in production, restarting the plan and giving a new proposal for the distribution of work.

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Production planning based on resource types

Production planning based on resource types

Production planning in the MES system is very intuitive, thanks to a friendly and transparent web interface, available in dark or light colours. You will create the production technology operations which are needed to complete an order based on:

  • available materials and raw materials
  • methods of processing to which materials should be subjected (e.g. cutting, bending, mixing)
  • production parameters (e.g. temperature, processing time, environmental humidity)
  • products and semi-finished products obtained in a given operation
  • available resources (machines, employees, areas)

Thanks to flexible dictionaries of resources, you can book them within three levels – machines, people, and areas. It allows creating dedicated groups (e.g. divided into cutting, printing, granulating, mixing machines). Dictionaries can be freely adapted to the individual needs of any industry.

You will also supplement the production processes with quality attributes added at the very end of an operation. This way you can easily verify the amount of a given ingredient in the final product, e.g. a quantity of  flour in bread. This quality control allows you to maintain appropriate parameters in both semi-finished and final products.

Once you generate production technology based on the indicated types of resources, you can easily proceed to its planning. Depending on the type and size of your company, you can use two levels of production planning.


It bases production planning on resource types/machine groups. You can quickly plan initial activities and check whether the available resources meet these plans (they are realistic).
It planes activities already within a specific machine/resource. You can book machines in the calendar, assign the right specialists to work at a specific work-station and the appropriate amounts of material.

The two types of scheduling can be combined or operate independently. Together, they will prove themselves in a two-tier planning system,
where initial activities are written down from the top by the master planner and then transferred to individual devices.

Production registration and reporting

Production registration and reporting

Registration of production in the MES system goes through the application and external devices, e.g. production kiosks. Kiosks allow for quick work registration and support the maintenance of machines thanks to the possibility of registering deviations, failures, errors, and other situations. They have an intuitive interface that is easy to use also with work gloves. The devices can be equipped with operating instructions, optimising work and accelerating the response to deviations or irregularities.

The production management system also provides you with extensive reports on its course, and thus on productivity. Not only do they allow  you to catch bottlenecks, but also support the planning of processes and maintenance. Thanks to them, you react faster to the wear of machine parts that affect the speed and accuracy of their work.


oee indicators
OEE indicators
competence matrix
Competence matrix
status and availability of resources
Status and availability of resources
services operations performed
Services/operations performed
production cycles
Production cycles
manufactured semi-finished products and products
Manufactured semi-finished products and products

Optimize your processes
and improve production capacity!

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Maintenance of production traffic

Maintenance of production traffic

With the Kotrak MES, you can efficiently schedule operations on different machines and plan sub-operations. The program provides you with the knowledge on the occupancy of devices, contained in calendars all relevant data on working time and days off. The MES also allows for the overloading machines – extending their operating time by adding overtime.

With the program, you react to failures and deviations in real-time, thus improving their elimination. The maintenance module includes functions that allow for smooth:

  • failure reporting
  • spare parts management
  • carrying out service actions
  • building lists of service tasks related to the maintenance of machines (inspections, cleaning, etc.)

The Kotrak MES ensures the possibility of creating production simulations and work by the assumptions of the Internet of Things (IoT), according to the company’s needs.


More than a MES system

More than a MES system

The production planning and recording module is just one aspect of the Kotrak MES. The complexity of the solution means that it will also cover processes related to warehouse management, logistics and quality control. It enables smooth data flow and high compatibility of program modules. In this way, you will improve and optimise the operation of the entire enterprise, regardless of the industry in which you operate.


With the Kotrak MES you will also gain:

With the Kotrak MES you will also gain:

  • Transfer of raw material from the warehouse to the production line
  • Quality process control of individual components and reporting
  • Real-time assessment of the date of product delivery to the end customer
  • Management and optimization of storage areas, tracking the location of raw materials and semi-finished products


Why is it worth having an MDM MES system?

comprehensive service for the enterprise
Comprehensive service for the enterprise
optimisation of all company processes
Optimisation of all company processes, human and material resources
oee indicators
Quick calculation of OEE indicators
elimination of bottlenecks
Quick identification and elimination of bottlenecks
scalable solution that you can develop
Scalable solution that you can develop
comprehensive production planning
Comprehensive production planning for faster and more efficient work

Optimize your processes
and improve production capacity!

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Data collection and visualisation system

Data collection and visualisation system

Gain quick and easy access to data from production processes in your company with the DOTup system that collects information on the operation of machines. The program also processes and presents data in real-time on LED screens.

The DOTup consists of two elements. The first is a system for quick and easy data acquisition from production lines. It will work in any technology park, regardless of its level of advancement. Thanks to its flexible adjustment, the program can extract data from both semi-manual and highly automated production. It is a solution for any factory, regardless of its size.

Additionally, we integrate the DOTup with other operating systems, including MES. The solution enables the automation of the machine park and thus its efficient management.


The system will be successful in registration and presentation: 

  • technological processes
  • real-time operating status of machines and production lines
  • production efficiency indicators
  • climatic parameters in the halls economic indicators

It also perfectly supports the monitoring of resource consumption (i.e. energy, water).


The system transfers information in real-time, but system users also have easy access to the data archive. The program also offers the possibility of adjusting report views to individual needs. In this way, every department can receive data reports relevant to their work, i.e. different for service technicians, production employees, the board or management staff.

With the DOTup, you can view production schedules and the current status of order fulfilment. You can detect deviations in operation and react to drops inefficiency on an ongoing basis, e.g. in the event of machine failure or other unexpected downtimes of equipment. You also have a full view of technological parameters. Machine operation monitoring becomes faster, more efficient and carried out in real-time mode.

With the industrial data collection and presentation system:

control the production work in real-time
you control the production work in real-time
quickly spot faults and bottlenecks
you will quickly spot faults and bottlenecks
full access to data from ongoing processes
you have full access to data from ongoing processes
support Lean Manufacturing activities
you support Lean Manufacturing activities

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