Manufacturing Execution Software

Software created for the comprehensive management of production processes!
With it, you will optimize the operation of production, reduce costs and improve the capabilities of your company!


The effective production automation system

Kotrak Manufacturing Execution Software (MES) is a professional production management application. It assists in achieving the best results based on effective management of people and resources. It enables the automation of task scheduling and real-time work assignment. With a friendly and easy-to-use interface, MES gives easy access to all the information required to make quick and effective decisions on the manufacturing floor.

The most important advantages of Manufacturing Execution Software:

real-time data
flows in directly from production, allowing you to react immediately to dynamically changing situations in operations, adjusting the plan and creating a new schedule of work distribution
prioritization of critical decision-making elements such as
time available to employees, occupancy and availability of machines, production continuity and many others
proprietary automatic planning system
based on established criteria, it can be adapted to your specific requirements
minimization of manual work
while following the created plan
automatic and dynamic allocation of work
to production employees, considering their skills
reduction of paper documents
and faster retrieval of important information

Main functions of Kotrak manufacturing execution software

  • Automatic real-time planning 
  • Showing reasons for rejections 
  • Creation of employee skills matrix 
  • Transfer of raw material from the main warehouse to the production line 
  • Quality process control of individual components and reporting 
  • Formulation of a clear, cohesive plan for operations and production scheduling 

  • Time & attendance registration (TNA), work plan creation and break registration 
  • Real-time assessment of the date of product delivery to the end customer 
  • Defining stoppage for specific machines, e.g. after a failure  
  • Management and optimization of storage areas, tracking location of raw materials and semi-finished products 
  • Dynamic dictionaries – ex: employee positions, shift work hours, planning rules, measurements 
  • Providing logic to orders based on defined rules, execution dates and matrix of employee skills 

Optimize your processes
and improve production capacity!

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Kotrak MES also has a mobile application that allows you to perform activities that require the greatest mobility from an employee in production:

  • Employees performing functions related to receiving, issuing and moving goods can easily and quickly handle all materials management in the manufacturing process without going to a computer. This significantly increases employee productivity, without any data losses or delays to operations.
  • Functions related to quality control allow controllers who often move between different positions in production to quickly and easily report the results of their work. This enables further steps to be taken in the production process following quality control.

MES solutions prove their worth by letting your business:

quickly identify and eliminate bottlenecks
optimize human and material resources
work faster and more efficiently
conveniently manage production data (production planning, monitoring the production process)
receive detailed information on production processes on a regular basis
increase customer satisfaction by delivering high-quality products on time consistently

Kotrak Manufacturing Execution Software integrates with:

  • Business Intelligence, Warehouse Management, Quality Management, Supply Chain Management, and additional ERP software that use data resources from MES (ex: linking production orders or connecting warehouse transfers to the production warehouse)
  • Tools used during manufacturing operations management to identify tasks to be performed and semi-finished products in production (ex: coupon and label printers)
  • External applications and devices (ex: touch terminals)

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