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Comarch ERP Enterprise - automate and support complex processes

Comarch ERP Enterprise - automate and support complex processes

Comarch ERP Enterprise software guarantees the possibility of central management of multiple companies. At the same time, it allows the maintenance of individual organisational structures of each entity. It ensures internationality and multilingualism, as well as full adjustment to the applicable legislation in a given country.

Comarch ERP Enterprise software helps to minimise the number of mistakes and improves the functioning of processes. Comarch ERP Enterprise automates production, purchasing and commercial processes. It allows you to easily switch between multiple companies, within a single base.

Comarch ERP Enterprise is a three-tier, scalable business management software, created with large companies in mind. The CEE system facilitates the management of a multi-company or multi-site organisational structure. It is characterised by high performance and scalability. It is compatible with various platforms as well as operating systems: i5/OS, LINUX and Windows Server..

Manage your business with Comarch ERP Enterprise

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Who is Comarch ERP Enterprise for?

  • Multi-branch or multi-company
  • International (e.g. from the DACH region – Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
  • With complex business processes and internal billing
  • Working in different time zones and different languages

  • Businesses implementing different production models (process, discrete, unit, batch)
  • Production with MRP planning
  • Supply chain management
  • Developed internal logistics

  • E-commerce companies
  • Omnichannel sales
  • POS (Point of Sale)
  • OMS (Order Management System)

  • B2B, B2C trade
  • Glass and ceramics
  • Retail and stationary trade
  • Electronics
  • Mechatronics
  • Food and beverages
  • Fashion industry
  • Serial production
  • Machine maintenance
  • Metal processing
  • Chemical industry
  • Construction

Why use Comarch ERP Enterprise?

bieżąca optymalizacja procesów biznesowych
facilitates the management of a multi-company structure
dedykowany interfejs
is characterised by high performance and scalability
Automatic Reports and Alerts
allows flexible definition of the interface according to user needs
Assignment Panels
ensures high data quality
hosting chmura comarch erp enterprise
can run on your server, on cloud hosting or in the Enterprise Cloud
complies with current legislation
integracja comarch erp enterprise
integrates with other external applications
integracja cee
cooperates with Comarch applications, e.g. Comarch POS, IoT, AI, Comarch OCR

Automate work in your company with Comarch ERP Enterprise

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Explore the functionalities of Comarch ERP Enterprise:

Trade and distribution
smooth processing of orders and returns, fast delivery and automation of the sales process, internal billing
omnichannel distribution, control of all sales channels and full integration with external platforms
Warehouse management
flexible warehouse logistics, cost and time optimisation in the warehouse, stock reports
Management of multi-variant, process, discrete production, based on batch and lot numbering; Kanban/JIT support, cooperation with Comarch IoT, production cost
MRP planning
effective planning of short-, medium- and long-term material requirements and resource utilisation
Accounting and finance (CFE)
Support for hierarchical organisational structures, automation of accounting operations, convenient data entry and analysis
Fixed assets
handling the full spectrum of asset management requirements for write-offs, insurance values, planned expenditures and repair costs
Business Intelligence
up-to-date data, dashboards and predefined reports from the following areas: controlling, human resources, warehouse logistics, production, purchasing, CRM, distribution, service, WMS and accounting
Service and maintenance
fleet maintenance, service and maintenance of equipment, automation of service message processes, maintenance planning
cost accounting, cost analysis per project / region / department / customer
Project management
Supervision and settlement of projects, integration with time tracking, registration and handling of service contracts
process automation for single companies and groups or a coordinated supply chain
Comarch CEE - flexibility to suit your needs

Comarch CEE - flexibility to suit your needs

Comarch ERP Enterprise software enables comfortable support of multiple branches of the company thanks to quick switching between them. Users can define views, forms, document types or workflow diagram, making the system user-friendly and easy to use.

Comarch ERP Enterprise system is an ERP solution that does not enforce a specific infrastructure. It can work:

  • as software installed in your infrastructure, on your hardware resources,
  • in a service model in the cloud (Cloud Hosting or Cloud Enterprise).
Comarch ERP Enterprise as OMS (Order Management System)

Comarch ERP Enterprise as OMS (Order Management System)

Comarch ERP Enterprise can function in your company as an OMS. It will allow you to conveniently manage your orders and sales. The software coordinates the fulfilment of orders arriving from different sales channels, collecting them in one place. The OMS system is the main point of the Comarch Unified Commerce Platform. Its main objective is to centralise information from the intersecting customer contact channels.

Comarch ERP Enterprise works with ERP and financial and accounting systems, as well as with customer service solutions (e-store or POS). CEE integrates with sales channels such as Amazon or Ebay, online shops, as well as loyalty, courier and payment processing systems.

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