Food Manufacturing Software

Take control of your entire food production process, from the moment materials
enter your facility through the final product delivery!


Comprehensive system of an entire food production management

Managing a food processing company requires the coordination of many different moving parts. Technological considerations, machine availability, as well as continuous control of product quality come into play along with managing human resources. Paper documents or spreadsheets are not sufficient
to conveniently coordinate all business processes. Any mishap within these processes can slow down vital decisions, including the possible withdrawal of entire product batches when a problem is detected.


Kotrak Food Manufacturing Software proves its worth through its functional design,  facilitating your tasks efficiently, ensuring transparency, providing complete security, and increasing your profits. We know the needs of your industry and how to innovate through change, thanks to our many years of experience.

Kotrak’s Food Manufacturing Software is an industry-specific, flexible, integrated system for manufacturing companies. It serves as a valuable asset for single-branch, multi-department, and international companies. It can adapt to the strict standards set for food producers, with convenient management of recipes, deliveries and warehousing. With accurate tracking of raw materials and final products, you’ll be kept up to date on all your assets. Thanks to Food Manufacturing Software, your company can grow sustainably, gaining you a competitive advantage.

Take control of your entire food production process, from the moment materials enter your facility through to final product delivery.

Kotrak’s Food Manufacturing Software helps you to conveniently:

Control the quality of production and meet industry standards
Track the path of products and materials thanks to full traceability
Improve logistics processes (delivery and acceptance schedules, supply of raw materials)
Manage warehouses and shelves
Boost turnover
Monitor expiration dates to ensure food safety and reduce waste
Build transparent reports that speed up effective business decisions
Optimize and automate business processes

Collect, track and distribute data, manage and analyze all your business processes:

  • Planning and Scheduling
  • Compliance
  • Recipes
  • Orders
  • Production
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Accounting
  • Inventory
  • Warehousing
  • Quality Control

Kotrak’s software will help you expand your food production quicker and easier!

Flexable tools
for Your Business
System Adapted
to Industry Requirements
Advanced Reports
and Statistics
Irreplaceable Support
in Everyday Work
Current Control
of Your Processes
Smart Management
for Your Company
of Business Processes

Biggest advantages of food manufacturing software for multi-entities:

Smoother expansion into new locations and faster creation of new plants
Elimination of the burden of switching between companies to perform reporting, business intelligence and additional tasks across various operations
Prevention of the duplication of data: single database storage for each entity’s information
Real-time updates on company operations, no matter their level or location
Ability to absorb more detailed information on company developments
Distinguished operational control, establishing an enterprise management system that is safe, secure and easy to use
Equipped for a variety of data structures, enabling the core structure of your organization and data management to be adaptable to change
Convenient and Transparent Reports for Headquarters

Food Manufacturing Software collects data from factories and builds national reports in real time.The system facilitates the accumulation of data, presenting it on practical charts and assembling tables. The reports are used by the headquarters to make better strategic business decisions. Based upon the data from existing purchase contracts, reports on raw material consumption, and the expected purchase price, Food Manufacturing Software presents the optimal time to purchase these materials. In addition, the system informs you about the estimated inventory based on purchase contracts, sales contracts and approximated consumption of raw materials.
Boost efficiency with real-time visibility and practical awareness of plant and business operations!

Gain control over your production processes
with a system that fits your needs!

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Food Manufacturing Software for the factory, branches

Kotrak’s Food Manufacturing Software includes:
    • Mobile and web module operating at the level of a single factory. It provides the functionalities necessary for the operation of a given division and integrates with a number of autonomous solutions already used within factories. 

      The comprehensive management system for the factory producing finished goods according to recipes, includes the following independent modules:

      • Warehouse – accompanied by division into zones and storage places
        • Production – as part of the recipe received and comprehensive management of the packaging process, batches billing and delivery accounting
        • Quality Control – according to delivered quality standards of raw materials and finished goods
        • Integration with External Systems and Devices – Master System (for the company’s headquarters), PCS (Production Control Systems), LIMS (Laboratory Information Management Systems), Weigh Bridges
      • Entry/Exit Handling – used for vehicle transport
    • Application establishes data exchange between individual applications of both the lower level (all factories operating within country) and the higher level (company headquarters).
      The system allows users to:

      • Manage the national product collection
      • Expand the production module adapted to the needs of the industry
      • View production related nutrition data
      • Control quality of production and supplies
      • Work on reports with data from many factories
      • Data distribution and aggregation within the business structure
    • The last and highest level of the Kotrak’s Food Manufacturing Software package. It plays the role of a central data accumulator and is used to manage reference data (MDM – Master data management).

      • The application allows users to:
      • Manage the global set of products
      • View production-related nutrition data
      • Manage, define and control production quality
      • Establish a Central Hub for all major reports created from cumulated data
      • Create a definition of business structures
      • Organize data distribution and accumulation within the entire corporation

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