Customer industry: Manufacturing company, feed manufacturer
Customer location: Brazil, South Africa, Egypt, Serbia, Poland, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Russia, Myanmar, Vietnam, India, Spain, Portugal
Application type: Mobile, web and desktop
A comprehensive solution for an international manufacturing company

A comprehensive solution for an international manufacturing company

For an international client, we created a comprehensive solution for managing a manufacturing company. The implemented ERP system and dedicated applications unified the operation of the entire company, enabling, among other things, rapid data exchange between branches and headquarters. They also improved the efficiency of factories, supporting their work in real-time and giving full control over production processes.


Description of the implementation


  • The factories within the group used different IT systems or no IT systems at all.
  • In some factories, ERP systems were used only for tasks performed by selected departments, not the entire factory, so most work had to be done manually or with spreadsheets.
  • It was becoming increasingly difficult to manage the flow of information in the growing group, and sending large amounts of data and reports via email would be time-consuming and inefficient.
  • The new system had to adapt to the group’s new organizational structure.
  • The system also needed to be adapted to local legal requirements (e.g., the Accounting Law) and guarantee to keep up with their changes in the future.
  • It was necessary to adapt the appearance of the printouts and the interface of the implemented software to the conditions of each region where the company’s branch was located.

Goals to be achieved:

  • To standardize the IT system across the group.
  • Tailoring the system to the characteristic processes of the feed industry.
  • Improvement of factory efficiency, maximum automation and integration of processes.
  • Availability of advanced but easy-to-use reporting and analytical tools to support decision-making processes, with the aim of controlling production profitability, costs and cash flow.
  • Support for real-time work in the areas of the warehouse, sales, production, logistics, HR and payroll, accounting and customer relationship management.
  • Easier planning and full control of the production process.

Solution: in those factories that did not have an IT system at all, ERP software was implemented. In addition, dedicated IT solutions were created for the entire group.

The result:

analiza przedwdrożeniowa
Increased efficiency in the management of the company, all manufacturing facilities and business processes
Increase work ergonomics
Better use of existing resources and maximization of profits
niezależna baza danych
Efficient online work in a distributed structure on a common base and offline
aplikacja dostosowana do specyfiki prowadzenia działalności w rożnych krajach
Centralization of information management and consolidation of data from separate companies

The implementation of the ERP system covered the following areas:

procesy budżetowania
retail, sales
ewidencja ryczałtowa
analizy biznesowe
Automatic Reports and Alerts
Business Intelligence
finance and accounting
ulatwienie procesu zakupowego
fixed assets
księga przychodu i rozchodu

Bespoke IT solutions – DH Apps suite:

DH Holding – desktop software for the company’s headquarters, the highest level of the DH Apps suite. Collects information coming from the entire company. It enables centralized management of the company’s strategic data (MDM – Master Data Management) and maintains specified standards throughout the corporation.

The data is properly validated, filtered and distributed to the company’s branches in 13 countries on 4 continents. The collected information is displayed in the form of extensive reports for quick analysis.


The advantage of the application is easy integrability with other systems

The system allows users to:

firmy międzynarodowe
manage a global collection of products
branża rolno-spożywcza
review production-related nutritional data
prowadzenie kontroli jakości
manage and control production quality
analizy biznesowe
work on reports with aggregated data
efektywna komunikacja pracowników
define business structures
wymiana informacji IT
distribute and aggregate data within the corporation

microsoft net nservicebus mysql

DH Country – the second floor in the DH Apps architecture. The main purpose of the application is to manage the company’s strategic data within each country, ensuring consistency across multiple factories.

It is a dedicated desktop system that allows two-way communication: with systems at factories and the headquarters system. DH Country offers a range of reports from data collected at the country level. The system was designed and built to easily integrate with the ERP systems of various suppliers at the level of files, orders and logistics documents. This requirement was crucial and was driven by the need to provide dedicated industry solutions, which are often missing from off-the-shelf ERP systems on the market.


DH Plant, DH Holding, ERP systems from different manufacturers

The system allows users to:

manage the national collection of products
branża rolno-spożywcza
expand the production module tailored to the needs of the feed industry
dane żywieniowe
review nutrition data related to production
prowadzenie kontroli jakości
quality control of production and delivery
work on reports with data from multiple factories
distribute and aggregate data inside the business structure

microsoft net nservicebus mysql

DH Plant – a dedicated web and mobile application, operating on a single factory level. The system supports the complex management of a factory producing feed or other finished products according to recipes.

The system helps with areas such as:

cross docking
managing deliveries and shipments
prowadzenie kontroli jakości
quality control
electronic document workflow

DH Plant integrates with a range of solutions used in factories:

Production Control Systems
Laboratory Information Management System

The system includes the following independent modules:

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Among other things, the system allows users to:

  • recording purchases/acceptances and releases/sales, thanks to integration with weighbridges, it is possible to automatically record the weight when a production plan is adopted,
  • recording production,
  • recording of samples taken and laboratory results, management of test results (acceptance, rejection of results) and transfer to other factories for testing at other locations
  • grouping, combining samples (multiple silos on a car, multiple production batches),
  • recording data from an external production system (PCS),
  • warehouse management software – a map of the warehouse with detailed information on the location of goods,
  • control of batch paths of goods from purchase, through storage and production, ending with sales,
  • identification of goods based on unique bar codes,
  • mobile work used in production, sales, and inventory.

angullar net core docker rabbitmq mysql
  • DH Country, PCS production management system, laboratory system, weighing scales
  • mobile devices


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