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Personalized system to upgrade your sales processes

Personalized system to upgrade your sales processes

Kotrak offers a fully dedicated B2B E-commerce platform for your business. The software allows you to optimize all processes from orders, sales, production, through delivery to the customer. Buyers receive their goods faster, along with a personalized experience, allowing you to maximize resources and increase your income!

E-Commerce Platform Benefits

All the tools you need to develop your online business and succeed! Strengthen your operations with flexible tools! Act now and start growing with B2B immediately!

Customized design with your brand and high level of personalization for each of your clients
User-friendly website and mobile app that automates your selling processes and order management
high level security
High-level security
Secure, fully controllable sharing and working on files, authority levels, as well as protected payments
Kotrak’s apps are integrated with ERP software, production and management of logistics, devices such as scales and printers, as well as maps to optimize transport
Maximization of revenue
Reacting to your client’s needs, increasing order volume and boosting customer loyalty
The application allows you to optimize business processes, thus accelerating work and improving the quality of customer service
Comfortable Buying and Selling Experience

Kotrak’s B2B E-commerce platform is a convenient, responsive tool available on your smartphone and tablet without the need to install applications. Simple to use interface escalates the process to set up your preferences and start selling quickly and easily. Main advantages and why you should be choosing Kotrak B2B:

  • Completion of orders available for your clients from any device, any time, any place, and in different time zones
    • Increase your revenue by never missing out on an order while maintaining 24/7 availability to your customers
  • Improve customer satisfaction with the portal, where they can check their purchases, reorder, create favorites, and more
    • Allow your customers to place their routine orders quickly, track current orders, view previous ones, and create a Wishlist for future ones
  • System can approve orders upon checking inventory thresholds across warehouses
    • Incoming order details are calculated for viability while informing the customer of availability and order delivery date/time
  • Order documents are automatically created for necessary personnel – sales, production, warehouse, logistics
    • Next to no manual input required, saving on time and costs while allowing orders to be initiated before and after business hours
  • Platform enables all users to work on a single database, creating continuity between customer data
    • All workers have access to the same information, lessening the likelihood of mistakes and increasing efficiency between business sectors
  • Process more orders with internal sharing between warehouses for companies with products or materials in more than one location
    • Manage stock effectively from all your warehouses, complete orders quicker, and use your available resources more wisely
  • Use the internal supply chain to plan your production efficiently
    • Organize your production and storage more efficiently, factoring in costs, storage levels, shelf life, anticipated sales, etc.

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Building a Better Online Store

Building a Better Online Store

  1. Set your preferences for various store and order functions – themes, communication, updates, payment, shipping, etc.
  2. Easy to use order forms available with customizable templates for your business type- Food/Groceries, Fashion, Electronics, etc.
  3. Straightforward navigation prevents loss of potential orders – items are easy to find with all important product information displayed
  4. Most important elements available on Portal – updated pricing, versions, additions, inventory levels and more
  5. Visualization of the final order appearance prior to purchase – reduce costly returns and production setbacks at the same time



Optimize the way you Sell

The application contains dedicated areas for individual user groups. It allows you to adapt what you want, and how you want it. These specifications can include common functions such as assigning a discount to an individual customer or group. More complex or specialized features can be created and optimized for specific company departments - Task Assignments, Pricing, Finances, Customer Support, Inventory, Marketing Campaigns, and more. Popular application features to better your business:

the responsibility of managing orders and products
processes such as approvals and alerts for items/inventory will help you close sales quicker, decreasing the cost of each sale
performance and security controls provide a safeguard for your business and customer data
features include protected payments, secure encryptions, authorization/accessibility tools, and data backups
repeat customers through special offerings for prices, bulk discounts, bonuses, shipping, materials
offerings and upselling options based on individual client preferences, purchase history, analytics, and additional data
marketing activities and awareness to increase opportunities for new and return customers
targeted e-mail promotions, newsletters, events on client’s actions, and personalized follow ups
time consuming manual data entry to optimize available resources and reduce multiple paper prints
configure the charges for transporting materials to remove redundant paperwork and human errors
key decisions quicker with customized reports and statistical information
your data to effectively create strategies, evaluate product performance, compare yearly numbers, and predict future trends
Connecting with omnichannel  

Kotrak’s web and mobile applications are supporting omnichannel strategy and building positive reception among your clients. It allows you to collect key data for activities and marketing strategies, based on which you can create a personalized offer for the client, including purchases made online, in-store and other methods. Thus, the system supports increases in sales by precisely matching the offer to the needs of consumers.

  • Web and Mobile application, supporting face-to-face interactions
  • Personalized touch based on actual needs creates stronger customer relationships, leading to steadier level of sales
  • 24/7 contact with customers keeps them up to date
  • Simple navigation and efficient shopping experience
  • Connections with customers more solidified thanks to individual loyalty program

Kotrak B2B offers a fast, flexible way to sell and buy products on multiple platform versions. With automated services, convenient access to an unlimited catalog of items, as well as a smooth and personalized configuration, sellers can expand their services while remaining constantly connected to their customers and their needs.

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