Comprehensive system for the food producer

Client industry: Manufacturing company
Customer location: Poland, Germany, France, Italy, Norway
Application type: Comarch ERP XL, Comarch ERP Altum, workflow

Dedicated solution for a comprehensive company management

Dedicated solution for a comprehensive company management

For a multinational manufacturing company, we have developed a dedicated solution for the comprehensive operation of the company, with a particular focus on the inventory process, production optimisation and the streamlining of document workflows.


Description of implementation

Challenge: The company had an ERP system, but was still looking for new solutions and opportunities to extend the functionality of the software. Inefficient document workflow. The operation of paper-based documents meant that many people were doing the tedious and repetitive work of photocopying, keeping track of deadlines or manually entering data into the system.

Goals to achieve: Improving workflow. Supporting production processes. Optimisation of the delivery process due to their very high number. Creation of IT solutions that combine all existing elements into a coherent, comprehensive system for the food manufacturer. Support during the implementation of ERP systems in further branches.

Solution: Dedicated application to handle the inventory process, a dedicated interface to optimise the production process, and workflow software.


Full traceability: a pallet of raw material at the warehouse receipt stage is recorded with labels, each batch is given its own individual number. When goods are taken to the production department, a batch number is assigned to the specific production order via the mobile app. The semi-finished product is given a new code before the next stage – as well as the final, finished goods will have a number with which the entire production process can be easily traced.

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Precision control path for raw materials

The IT system increases control by providing transparent information: when and from whom the raw material was received,
on which production line a particular order was being carried out, and which employees were on shift at the time.
In the event of any quality concerns, the customer is able to trace the path
of the finished product (from raw material through to semi-finished product), detect any anomalies and effectively implement corrective procedures.

integracja z systemem ERP
the application integrates easily with ERP systems
wersje stacjonarne i mobilne
desktop and mobile application works well for recording production in a dynamic working environment
informacje o produkcji
the system allows managers to obtain up-to-date information on production in progress and completed production
dedykowany interfejs
a dedicated interface has optimised the work of staff
skrócenie czasu
shorter time-to-production by eliminating direct entry into the ERP system

Paper versions of documents (e.g. invoices, incoming correspondence, etc.) are scanned and then entered into the workflow system in digital form. This solution makes it possible to avoid each time photocopying or tediously searching for the necessary document in many binders. The workflow speeds up work, makes it easier to locate a document and avoids many mistakes, and is also good for the environment thanks to the elimination of paper circulation. Situations such as lost invoices, unintentional non-payment and loss of discounts are reduced to a minimum.

Orders have also been transferred to the app, which has standardised the information collected and facilitated communication between employees. It is possible to check at any time what stage an order is at. The web-based solution makes it possible for managers to approve orders, from anywhere, at any time. The efficient and seamless handling of orders is crucial to the need for production continuity. In addition, the ready-to-eat product has a fairly short shelf life and there are many deliveries.


The IT system has also taken over the function of managing multiple processes. It keeps an eye on completion and payment deadlines, reminds users of the need to complete documentation and automatically sends files for approval.



The client is a user of multiple systems: Comarch ERP XL, Comarch ERP Altum and others. This is due to the specific nature of the group’s operations and the specialisation of the manufacturing and trading companies within it. The programs have been integrated by means of data exchange services.

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