Workflow software in a construction company

Customer industry: construction
Client location: United Kingdom
Application type: Workflow and document flow

Flexible workflow system

Flexible workflow system

We have implemented a flexible workflow system for a client operating in the UK market. The software made it possible to solve the problem of delays in the execution of orders, resulting from the lack of integration of the company’s IT systems. The program streamlined the flow of documents and work, and thus accelerated the implementation of all processes.


Description of implementation

The challenge: working in several different systems made it difficult and delayed the execution of orders. It was hard to receive information about the progress of the project, as well as to react to situations that deviated from the assumptions.

Goals to achieve: due to the dynamic growth of the company, it was necessary to optimize processes as soon as possible.

Solution: workflow class software


integracja z systemami erp
the implemented solution allows you to integrate your systems and applications, which gives you very quick access to the information you need
przegląd logów
regained full control over projects in the areas of budgeting and payment, scheduling the use of resources, and shifting them between projects.


  • the new software has optimized ordering processes and makes it easier to control payments,
  • the software simplifies the process of shifting human resources between projects,
  • the tool has improved the workflow.

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