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What technologies are used to create dedicated applications?

What technologies are used to create dedicated applications

The choice of technology to create dedicated applications is one of the most significant points of any project. It helps determine whether the system will meet your expectations and support the operations of your company. Therefore, in today’s article, we answer questions that will help you take this step more consciously and efficiently.

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Should the client know the technology which creates their application?

The client must know the technology in which their application will be created. The IT company with which you establish cooperation to design and implement a dedicated system should offer you advice on this matter, indicating the best technology for your solution. Its selection must be based on specific guidelines, e.g. the expected life of the product or the burden corresponding to its safety level. Technologies support various factors, so at the very beginning it is important to determine what features of the program are key for us – whether it be a higher level of security protecting the processed data, multi-platform operation, etc.

Should the client- now the technology-which creates their application

In Kotrak, we offer full advice on the choice of technology. We believe that the client should always be aware of the chosen solution and the possibilities it brings. There is no perfect technology that meets all needs, it often turns out that for the system to work according to the needs of our clients’ businesses, we have to make modifications, and clients should know about it. It can be compared to buying a car – the owner of the vehicle does not have to know its mechanics and equipment very well, but it is worth having general knowledge about it, e.g. knowing how to care for it. The same applies to knowledge of the dedicated technology used in the application. It is worth knowing what their advantages and disadvantages are, how they can help you, and what can be troublesome when using the system. In Kotrak, we introduce customers to the production process, because we want them to be aware of why the methods and tools have been chosen. This allows them not only to better understand the final product with which they will work but also understand its strengths.

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What questions should be answered to choose the best technology?

An important aspect is also whether the system is intended to operate on a multi-platform basis. This affects performance and influences other issues as well. For example, when a program is characterized by high performance, you have to take into account that at its expense, the application interface will not be as visually attractive. The simpler it looks, the faster the system works. However, if you care more about a high degree of security, it will likely result in slightly slower program performance.

By getting to know as many business components of a project as possible, we can choose the best technology for it. It must always be based on the strategic and long-term goals of your business. However, remember that systems are not written for life. This implies that every 3-5 years you will have to change or update your IT solutions to maintain your company’s position on the market.


What are the advantages and limitations of choosing a technology?

When choosing the latest technologies available on the market, it is worth being aware of the limitations they may experience. It is a question of so-called ‘childhood diseases.’ What does it mean? For example, they may have undiagnosed faults that will only emerge in future practice, and their elimination may take more time than in proven solutions. There may also be a shortage of specialists operating on them, as they have not yet managed to gain appropriate knowledge and experience.

The technology chosen for the project should always be balanced and meet your needs. A good IT company will be able to indicate whether all the benefits of a given solution are needed for your business. It often turns out when creating an application in a technology chosen solely by the client, we will potentially use 3 out of 10 features offered from it. Thus, its implementation is senseless because another solution turns out to be much more appropriate for the given case. At Kotrak, we always listen to our clients and propose the best solution for them based upon our joint discussions. This way the created application becomes a functional tool supporting the development of their business.

The article was written in cooperation with Paweł Paszkiewicz, Software Development Director.

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