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How to choose the right software house?

how to choose the right software house

When looking for a software house to create an IT solution that will respond to the needs of your company and support the processes taking place within it, you need to pay attention to a few key elements. It is thanks to them that you will select trusted companies with experience that will not only design a dedicated system for you, but also may turn out to be a reliable partner supporting the development of your business.

That is why today we have answered the questions regarding: how to choose the right software house?

In our article we will discuss the following issues:


What is a software house?

Software house is an IT company focused on the production of software dedicated to customers, as well as the creation of programming add-ons to already existing systems. When carrying out such projects, a good software house should also:

  • conduct comprehensive analyses of business processes,
  • create a functional specification of the implemented systems
  • test the developed software
  • integrate written applications with other programs
  • provide the possibility of data migration
  • offer post-implementation care in the form of a helpdesk and the possibility of further development of the system

All of this is to provide comprehensive IT service and meet your business needs.

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What are the advantages of choosing to work with a software house vs buying ready-made software?

By deciding to cooperate with a software house andcommissioning it to create a dedicated system, you get a solution fully tailored to your needs, which is not possible due to the purchase of ready-made software. With the boxed program most of the competition has, it’s harder to build an edge in the marketplace. The tailor-made system highlights key business processes, thus distinguishing your products and services from others.

Another advantage of cooperation with a software house is the ability to adjust selected functionalities of the ready system to your expectations. Sometimes your budget or needs only require some modifications to a boxed system. It may include the requirement to integrate the software with other solutions or expand specific functionalities so that they comprehensively support key departments and business processes.

how to evaluate the course of communication withw the software house

Regardless of which of the above solutions you choose, remember that the IT system should be a comprehensive response to the needs of your business. Not only should the system be a tool, but also a partner in the development of the company and maintaining its high level of services and products.

If you want to gain a real advantage over the competition, you should consider creating software that will respond to the needs of your business in a real way.


What are the advantages of choosing to work with a software house vs a freelancer?

Working with a freelancer may seem cheaper at first compared to a software house. However, remember that after the project is finished, a freelancer moves to the next project and when there is a need for additional work, changes in the system or other activities, they will not always be able to help you. This is especially when there is an urgent topic for you.

Cooperation with a software house that has been present on the market for a long time gives you a sense of security and a guarantee of receiving help and further cooperation. It is not a one-person company, but a team of experienced specialists you can always count on. No matter how long you want to work with the software house again – you can always be sure that you will receive help by reporting to it.

Also remember that a freelancer has very limited resources, which affects their job opportunities. They will always be able to complete fewer projects than an IT company. Of course, they can queue their work and, if necessary, hire other specialists to help or subcontract on tasks. However, it is never as simple and fast as in a software house, where a team of programmers, testers, analysts and implementers is at your fingertips, ensuring more efficient and uninterrupted operations.

right software house

A software house offers not only a sense of security when working on a project, but also comprehensive customer service. By establishing cooperation with them, you receive the support of specialists with industry experience who will advise you on the most optimal and tailored solutions. You also gain technical support and the possibility of further development of the system in accordance with the needs of the developing market.

As an IT company with almost 30 years of experience on the domestic and international market, we realize that business systems must be maintained 24 hours a day, as processes in enterprises take place around the clock. We provide our clients in Kotrak with a sense of security, thanks to a qualified team of specialists. They are able not only to show you multi-level support, but also to ensure stable development of the created system. So that it always supports areas important for your company.

Our advantage is the fact that we are not only looking for projects, but also clients, because we want to build strong partnerships. We want to support the development of your company by providing security and new opportunities.


What to consider when considering the choice of a specific software house?

When considering the choice of a specific software house, you should pay attention to the following elements:

  • What does their portfolio look like?
  • What technologies do they use to create their projects?
  • What are their achievements?
  • Have they worked on projects similar to your needs?

It is also important to choose a software house that can advise its clients. If an IT company has completed a certain number of projects, than this is an undoubted advantage that you will benefit from. Thanks to their experience, specialists will advise you on what solutions will work in your business and what you should avoid. They will indicate, for example, which UI/UX model is already out of use or will not be suitable for your customers/users, proposing more optimal and tailored solutions. IT consulting is a service offered by good software houses that is worth paying attention to when choosing.

coose software house

In cooperation with an IT company, it is also very important to develop a partnership relationship. At Kotrak, we make sure that our clients feel that we devote time to their projects and needs. We listen to your opinions and suggestions because we know how important they are for the delivery of software tailored to your business. We realize that your knowledge is as important as the experience of our specialists, which is why we make decisions related to the work carried out together with you. In this way, we design applications that meet real needs and support the operation of companies over many years.

We also know that you cannot always be present at every stage, which is why we provide you with a dedicated project manager who takes care of the smooth flow of information between our company and you. They care about your needs being met in the best way, being in touch with you whenever you need it. Thanks to this, you are always up to date with design works and you have a sense of security that everything is going according to plan.

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How to evaluate a software house portfolio?

The software house portfolio should primarily be supported by references. Nothing indicates the level of quality of the services and products provided as much as the opinion of satisfied customers. Remember also that a good IT company is not only the solution itself, but also the extent to which it has supported a given business. Has the software house responded to business needs? Have they shown support with knowledge and experience? Identified the most optimal paths for solutions?

When analyzing the portfolio, it is also worth paying attention to the industries of clients for which the software house carried out orders. The closer they are to yours, the better.

Also remember that the latest technology does not always mean the best choice. The most recent solutions on the market are not always fully developed, which can cause problems. Therefore, pay attention when software house specialists suggest proven technologies, used often in projects. This way, you get a system guarantee that should not cause unexpected problems, and any repairs/changes will be done faster and more efficiently.


How to evaluate the course of communication with the software house during application development?

Communication with the software house should be carried out in such a way that you are always informed about the current work at every stage. Of course, you can’t plan everything perfectly and there may always be some minor or major problems. However, in this type of cooperation, clear and understandable communication is important and the awareness that the project is created jointly and not in isolation from you and your needs. This way, when a change is needed, it is discussed and the best available path is chosen together.

how to acakuate a software house

In conclusion, as a client commissioning the design of dedicated software, you should always feel well informed and aware of the direction in which the work is going throughout the entire project.


What specialists should a good software house employ?

Good software house specialists are distinguished primarily by their competences. Remember that they are not only composed of analysts, testers or developers. They are also account managers who help adapt technologies to implemented projects.

The topic of the industries for which the IT company has already worked appears again here. The number of completed projects in a given market segment proves they have specialists with knowledge, experience and understanding of processes characteristic for these industries. This is a very important issue when you plan to create a dedicated system for a specific business.

Another important element that proves the quality of the team that will work for you are the passions of its members. The point is that the specialists working on your project should be people with passion and initiative, not people simply drumming their work. This rarely leads to satisfactory results.


How do good software houses run projects?

Good software houses run projects while listening to the client. By advising them and treating assignments as if they were their own. When choosing an IT company, it is worth asking the question: how many projects did not reach the finish line?

In Kotrak, we make sure that all our works are always finished in terms of development. Each project is completed – regardless of the problems we may encounter along the way, be it legislative or business idea.

This knowledge is the awareness that specialists treat the project as their own. They have the knowledge, competence and will to bring things to completion.

The article was written in cooperation with Paweł Paszkiewicz, Software Development Director.

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