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Commercial laundry software – how can it make your job easier?

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Software for commercial laundry or industrial laundry allows you to automate many activities. It makes working on orders faster and with fewer mistakes, thus increasing the satisfaction of your customers. If you would like to learn more about how a laundry app can help you, we encourage you to read the following post.

In our article, we will answer the following questions:


Software for commercial laundry – what is it?

Dedicated software for commercial laundry or industrial laundry is an application that facilitates the handling of orders from multiple customers. Regardless of their number, the system allows each station to display the orders in the form of clear tiles. Working with the system is very simple: simply grab the desired tile with the mouse and drag it to move the order to the next stage.

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Which processes are supported by the laundry software

The IT system for laundries supports the entire process of fulfilling an order for a customer, from registration to issue. The software works with barcode scanners and label printers, so we can easily identify each order. Labels also make it easy to assign the right orders to specific drivers who distribute the laundry to customers.


What functions the laundry software has

The dedicated commercial laundry software has features such as:

  • creation of job lists – these are at the same time the successive stages to which the order goes,
  • display of a board with all the orders currently in the laundry – thanks to the different colours of the tiles, each user can quickly see which orders are to be taken up at the next stage. Green tiles represent orders that have been completed at a given stage and are waiting to be taken up at the next stage. Yellow tiles indicate orders that are pending at a given stage,
  • view details of each order with the order number, name of the counterparty, date of execution, notes, additional information (e.g. additional cleaning), supported return,
  • creation of an acceptance and release label for transport,
  • generation and printing of documents: receipts, VAT invoices, etc.
  • routing of drivers, also based on the amalgamation of several orders for one customer, with the possibility of assigning orders to a specific driver.

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What problems the laundry app solves

A dedicated system for laundries solves a variety of problems. Among other things, it makes it possible to:

  • speeding up customer service – thanks to the connection to the customer’s database, both the receipt of goods is much easier and faster and the issuing of documents is very convenient,
  • reduce the number of errors made and quickly identify potential problems – thanks to the use of barcodes, it is easy to find out who worked on a particular order and when. The history records information on statuses, documents generated, orders attached and the people who worked on the order. Information on orders is clear for every employee, so they make fewer mistakes,
  • transparency and better quality control – it is clear at all times what stage the wash is at and when it can move on to the next. In the event of any problems (for example, if a few pieces do not wash), you always know at which position the difficulty occurred,
  • optimisation of drivers’ routes – thanks to the option of combining several assignments for one contractor, the driver does not have to travel to the same place several times.


software for commercial laundries


Software for laundries, as your business grows, can also be extended with further modules, e.g. for communication with your customers. The laundry application can allow you to inform your customers of the next steps in working with an order, as well as send a notification when a completed order is about to be delivered.


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What to look for when choosing laundry software

If you are the owner or manager of a laundromat and are faced with the choice of laundry software, pay attention to several aspects. Firstly, whether the IT system in question is capable of handling a large number of orders at the same time and whether it provides you with convenience in your work.

Another aspect is the question of the company that is to implement your chosen laundry system – will it integrate with other applications you have, such as your financial and accounting system? It is also important to train your employees in the use of the software and provide post-implementation support.



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