How to improve remote work in your business?

How to improve remote work in your business

Have employees in your company switched to remote work mode or work partially from home? Are you looking for a way to increase the efficiency of activities, facilitate team contact and empower systems? See what changes you can introduce today so that remote work brings out the best results.

In our article, we answer the following questions:

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Can remote work be effective?

The current situation meant that most employees started working remotely almost overnight. Employers also found themselves in a new, dynamic situation. Can working from home be as effective as working in the office? Many studies show that employees remotely complete their duties faster. This is because there are often more distractions in the office. Working from home, many people are also more motivated to act effectively and show the effects of their work, because they are often task-based.

Of course, it is on the employer’s side to provide employees with access to tools that will facilitate communication. The flow of information is always very important in the enterprise, especially when colleagues do not see each other for a long time and have to share information, data and tasks online.
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What problems may arise while working remotely?

When the entire team works outside the office, it is this transmission of information which can be a problem that will slow down the operation of processes. It is worth thinking about creating an online knowledge base so that everyone has access to essential materials. This tip also works for hiring new employees.

The right system for online process integration and remote work can solve this problem. All changes in files, databases or other available materials will be updated on a regular basis. The workflow platform provides access to all online files stored in the system, from anywhere. It also enables remote commissioning of tasks, submission and approval of applications, e.g. vacation applications, as well as the analysis and approval of budgets.

If you want to improve the company’s operations while working remotely, you have to determine where the most problems appear and what situations should be eliminated.
How to improve remote work
It is worth asking yourself questions that will help you identify challenges and problems:

• What does the document flow in the company look like and do you have a tool to control it?
• What processes do you want to automate?
• Do you have current information on transfers and expenses?
• Do you need a more efficient reporting, budgeting and planning tool?
• Does your company need integration of several IT systems?


How to improve remote work?

After identifying the weaknesses of your remote business operations (and other areas), it’s time to solve them. It is worth thinking about a system that will improve project management and allow you to supervise them effectively.

When it comes to the circulation of documents in the company, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the workflow system, which consists of modules for:

• data integration
• multi-company
• strategic management
• controlling modeling

Organization of workflow allows to coordinate the work of the team, systematize the tasks and introduce order in the documentation. All this leads to time and cost savings in the long run.

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How to manage a mobile business?

Remote business management is also a challenge for business owners and team managers. Despite the fact that the team works outside the office, the people supervising their work must control all started processes and plan further actions.

The implementation of mobile systems allows you to systematize activities related to invoicing, accounting, creating reports, running an e-store, and even warehouse management.
One of the most problematic issues when it comes to managers’ tasks while working remotely, however, is document approval. Unfortunately, if there is a problem with document flow, many tasks cannot be completed on time, which means they lose their effectiveness.

It is worth investing in mobile tools that allow you to safely send and approve documents using a smartphone or tablet inside the company, but also for contractors and partners of the company.
How to organize remote work and set priorities


How to organize remote work and set priorities?

The implementation of systems automating processes in the company and the integration of IT systems allows the team to focus on other challenges and devote time to other tasks. It is worth taking care of the issues of prioritization and reporting. By implementing these two points, you have full control over the smoothness of implementation and you can define new business needs.

The implementation of solutions in the Cloud allows each employee to have access to the files they need at any time. Everyone has access to modifications on a regular basis, which allows you to avoid unnecessary problems or delays.

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