Laboratory information system

Customer industry: laboratory
Customer Headquarters: Poland
Application type: web-based
Web-based information system for the laboratory

Web-based information system for the laboratory

We have developed a dedicated laboratory information system for our client running a laboratory. The integrated laboratory operating system allows you to manage the work of the laboratory, as well as carry out the laboratory process on samples. The application also allows you to manage samples and analytical equipment.

Description of implementation

The challenge:

  • to replace an inefficient, inflexible system created by an internal IT department,
  • to create a laboratory results analysis application that is as convenient for creating formulas for testing and performing analytical processes as an excel spreadsheet,
  • integration with an external system for order processing.

Goals to be achieved:

  • support laboratory staff in performing laboratory tests,
  • linking employees with specific skills to specific analytical equipment on which to perform a given laboratory test,
  • verifying laboratory test formulas.


A laboratory process application that also facilitates laboratory management and work quality control


The main function of the LIMS (i.e., laboratory system) that we implemented at our client is to support the running of the laboratory: sample management, process management and versioning technologies, laboratory machinery, workflow, and documentation. The integrated information system reflects each of the stages of conducting laboratory diagnostics and facilitates the process of laboratory quality control.

Conducting laboratory analysis using the laboratory system tool is much simpler and faster. The laboratory information system handles the processing of test results using convenient, transparent formulas to create technology. The process monitoring chart allows catching possible deviations from the norm in a real-time manner, which is extremely valuable in the work of diagnostic laboratories. The laboratory information system also supports the function of related parameters or handling the process of sample preconditioning for laboratory analysis. Full data protection and a results control system ensure that the quality of the laboratory is maintained at the highest level.

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  • the system reflects the work of the analytical laboratory and the specifics of the client’s business,
  • full transparency in ongoing laboratory testing and the ability to view historical data,
  • validation of test results,
  • elimination of paper documents, the system enables digitization of the laboratory process and automation of processes,
  • guiding lab technicians step-by-step through the various stages of a test is helpful, especially for new lab technicians just getting started,
  • improved customer service, acceleration of laboratory test completion date,
  • increased data security,
  • support of the quality system, among other things, thanks to the control of test results

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We integrated external ordering systems with the laboratory IT system, which made it possible to automate processes and not require the re-entry of data by testing laboratory staff.

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