Portal for Human Resources

Customer industry: Manufacturer of brake discs for cars and motorcycles
Client's Headquarters: Poland
Application Type: Web

Web application for the HR Department

Web application for the HR Department

We have created a web application for the human resources department for the needs of our client. The system made it possible to solve the quick access to employee documentation problem while ensuring a high level of personal and sensitive data protection.

Implementation Description

    • Difficult access to employee documentation.
      Provide a sufficient level of protection for personal and sensitive data.

    • The possibility to download and save documents required for employee release.

    • Online portal for HR.


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For employees, they can use the application to download payslips, PIT, RMUA, and other documents that will be prepared for all employees for their knowledge (messages, documents to download). In addition to downloading these documents, the employee may also view their data details on the application.
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System administrators can edit data, import employees from a file, or add new documents for download and release. Also, as administrative support, they have the option of viewing logs. This provides helpful information about all employee actions in the application and ensures that each activity is performed correctly.


  • employees have constant access to their documentation from anywhere, including outside working hours and from home
  • the portal is simple and intuitive to use, allowing each employee to find their necessary information and documents
  • new employee data is imported from the ERP system, thanks to which new accounts are created very quickly

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